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Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:30 pm
by D.Bane

Just to say that with new IDE, the line numbers in the code editor disappear when scrolled..But how do you even put them to be shown? :) ..haven't seen the option..

And while at options, I know that it may seam stupid, but I think it would be nice to have next options in IDE..
1. adjustable grid spacing (distance between the dots)
2. adjustable background color of the code editor (green color is proven to be relaxing - hence the schools have the boards in green, and I tried this with vb, it helped me stay longer at the screen..)

..there was more..just had left them at other computer..


Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:17 pm
by jerome

We're aware of those line numbers glitches ( ), as well as a few other related issues. These are new features not finalized yet, we need to fix those. You can disable them in File/Global Settings (I recommend you do until they're fixed).

I''m not sure what you mean by that adjustable grid spacing, the distance between which dots exactly?

About adjustable background color, I'm guessing this will come at the same time as the custom syntax highlighting colors and options, as well as wider support for syntax highlighting (e.g. in other languages). Related to .

Let us know when you remember what else you thought of :)



Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:34 pm
by redj
D.Bane wrote:1. adjustable grid spacing (distance between the dots)

jerome wrote:I''m not sure what you mean by that adjustable grid spacing, the distance between which dots exactly?

I believe this is about the snapping grid of the Designer in the IDE and the ability to change it's size/resolution.

I reported a mantis issue for this missing feature and I'm sure we'll get right on it for one of the upcoming releases.



Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:51 am
by D.Bane
Sorry for not replying sooner, I don't have internet at my computer, so I also kind of wrote that in a hurry and forgot the most basic thing..If it's in my head, I have to say it for others to know what I'm thinking about :)

Yes redj, it's about that grid in the Form Designer, as someone may like to have a dot every 5 px and someone every 1 px, and someone maybe without the dots..

Yes jerome,thanks , I found the option in Global Settings, after I wrote here.. :oops:

O, about mantis, since I have little internet time, I search for everything before I ask, but sometimes don't know how exactly is it called, so, forgive me for suggesting something already suggested.. I hope it's not a problem :?

So then some more suggestions:
3. To make syntax highlight the brackets '{' and '}' but more importantly '(' and ')', so when you do some calculations and have many ())((())()()() :) you can see where the problem is, cause it gave me an error and it worked a minute before, so until I searched every line around that line and found that I accidentally entered another ')'.... it took some time :)
4. rewrite the message box so the buttons like yes/no, can be rewritten in something like 'ja/nein'..what I mean is to be able to set the text of the buttons but that they are still considered yes/no/cancel..
5. ..About the moving of more controls at the same time..Can it be done like positioning 'invisible' Label {groupBox = true} and moving the label, not the controls..Or done like the label does it?

Will give more as soon as I think of them :D

PS: Have a very nice and productive days everyone :)

Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:13 pm
by jerome
Hi D.Bane,

Nice to see you're sticking around with us :D

Don't worry about it it's all good. Even if things are on Mantis it's good to bring them up again on the forums so we can discuss them and not forget about it :)

3. Syntax highlighting - Max just got the basic autoindenting of brackets '{ and }' working so I hope we will see more bracket intelligence in the IDE soon :) This is the particular issue on mantis:

4. About wanting to put different text in the message box, is this solely to support other languages? Because we have some work to do to fully support internationalization... There should be an easy (orderly) way to add support for a new language, in a pre-existing application. That should come with it :) Perhaps an option to still override the text value of the MessageBox buttons would still be good though. Note that at the moment, you can create the MessageBox, and then iterate through its children (using the 'firstChild' property, and from that the 'next' property) and set the 'text' value yourself. Some sample code:
Code: Select all
import "ecere"
class MsgBoxApp : GuiApplication
   void Main()
      MessageBox msgBox { type = yesNo };
      Window c;
      for(c = msgBox.firstChild; c; c =
         String text = c.text;
            if(!strcmpi(text, "yes")) c.text = "ja";
            else if(!strcmpi(text, "no")) c.text = "nein";
         case yes: PrintLn("ja"); break;
         case no: PrintLn("nein"); break;

5. Positioning multiple controls: You can use the base class 'Window' for this purpose. You can either give it the same background color as the background, or set opacity = 0.



Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:47 pm
by D.Bane
hi jerome.

I ain't going anywhere :)

Well I hope it's gonna be for all types of brackets then :)

(4.) Yes, it's solely for internalization.. Thanks for the sample :)
(5.) <-- I meant in the form designer.. I meant it as an idea, to have the option to move more controls at the same time in it.. sorry again, me and not saying it all :(

So, as the internalization is planed, will there be strings resource or will some other way be used?

Re: Line numbers glich and some IDE wishes

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:50 pm
by jerome
5) Yes you can use that method right now with the form designer, with a Window object.

You have to add the Window object yourself to the code (it's not in the toolbox), but after it's there you'll be able to move it and the controls inside of it together from the form designer.

String resources... There is a lot of thinking and work to be done in that area.
But what I hope for is to not have to do anything special when writing the code (no need to care about string resources), but still having the option to 'add' language support to the application with an 'internationalization tool'.

So perhaps something that would index all strings when you compile the code, and that becomes available to the 'internationalization tool' when you want to add support for a new language.

It's still in early idea stage, but just thinking about it now made the picture clearer in my mind :)
I'm really looking forward implementing this, in particular because Chinese people already translated the IDE and runtime in Chinese and I would like to incorporate all this into the product.

But there are so many nice things to work on and days are too short :D