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breakpoints and multi-project workspaces

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:48 pm
by pber
Hi all,

My project was too big and rebuilding too expensive in time.
So I splited it into 3 projects: 2 dlls and 1 executable.
- tools.dll
- al.dll (uses tools)
- test.exe (uses tools and al)

With all 3 projects opened in the same IDE instance
I can update the Dlls and re-run the test and I'm happy.
The main project is the executable one and the two dlls are "aggregated projects".
So if I press F5 I can debug the test executable.

But... I can't set breakpoints in a source file of one of the two dlls.
If I set a breakpoint in a project that is not the main one, GDB does not stop on it.

Do exist a trick for this scenario?

Re: breakpoints and multi-project workspaces

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:35 pm
by jerome
Hi Paolo,

You did 'Add project to workspace', right?

Are you using the latest version of the SDK as well? (0.44.10 or later from Git?)

One thing that may help is adding the ecere.epj project as well to your workspace, and building it as well. It may help with the initial setup of breakpoints on execution.
However even without it you should be able to set a breakpoint in those added projects once the application is running. But without ecere.epj it might not hit if the first breakpoint you're trying to hit is in one of those added projects.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Happy holidays!


Re: breakpoints and multi-project workspaces

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:13 pm
by pber
Hi Jerome,
i'm so sorry... I was completely wrong.
Brackpoints work correctly,
even for added projects.

One promise for 2015:
testing my assertations more carefully
before posting.

As always: many thanks Jerome
and happy Christmas to you and your family.