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Adding support to Activestate Komodo Edit

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Adding support to Activestate Komodo Edit

Postby sacrebleu » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:48 am

Where eC's IDE fails, I use Komodo Edit. It has, for instance, the useful "find and replace in all files" .. while we wait for Ecere to catch up, Komodo is a great second choice as it is useful for PHP/etc and to add basic eC functionality is easy.

To use some of the features of Komodo Edit, you'll need to:

1. create a blank file inside
Komodo Edit/lib/support/default-templates/Common

2. edit lib/support/prefs.xml

Find the string:

Code: Select all
  <string id="factoryFileAssociations">{'*.ada': 'Ada',

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