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Hello fm Pennsylvania

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Hello fm Pennsylvania

Postby TheRaven » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:31 pm

I like calling Pa Pennsyltucky as it's a northern state with many farmers and sometimes a twang surfaces.

My introduction to digital data and computing platform technology was short lived in high school as the computer course got terminated after about 2 weeks. I was re-introduced to the topic while in Germany where a friend of mine got me involved with the Amiga 500; my first real interaction was playing a PC game known as Barbarian. Afterward, became somewhat familiar with the Commodore and the horrors of real mode watching another associates applications disappear from his desktop environment --he eventually got a memory management application for around $220 (USD). A year later (1991) I witness a room-mate referencing a small book while typing away on his Amiga 500 (Amiga was popular with my colleagues) finding out that he was creating a movie database with a GUI --3 months later he had an awesome database and I was officially interested in SQL.

Prior to my real world, slightly hands on, introduction to computers (1979) I viewed a television program discussing AT&T UNIX (complete with hippie, butterfly collars) and coupled with the emergence of video game machines (Asteroids & friends) had a growing interest in the digital age to follow. Got to see many other cool things like the birth of the IBM QWERTY, floppy diskette and electronic typewriters so heavy body builders used them in daily workouts.

Everything said, had a draw for Amiga system, UNIX as an O.S. and SQL, but heard about a few programming languages (C & BASIC) after returning to the US in the mid-nineties. Eventually, would come into contact with FreeBSD, numerous C & C++ compilers and a few BASIC runtime interpreters. Reawakening my interest in computer hardware occurred when I found out about the existence of assembler language and from that point on went from NAsm to FAsm.

Long history, lots of refinement and broad exposure to many technologies birthed a familiarity with Web Development and client side software analogous to a love story. Am looking to get my bucket list done concerning computing designing a native DM (desktop manager) with graphical interface (self satisfying dm shell with native XML and SVG support like FluxBox on steroids) and a graphical IDE for my FAsm development for FreeBSD. I may even start developing an end user controls library for it (built on and packaging X11 controls; etc.) as a light alternative to GTK; etc.

eC abstraction for C is intriguing and the ECON implementation looks really clean, not to mention cross platform availability of eC SDK & tools making it a solid choice. C isn't dead or even close, no one has bothered to advance it much with eC going against that grain --kudos.

Nice to see the project still actively developed and hope to use eC for all my C lang needs in the future.
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Re: Hello fm Pennsylvania

Postby redj » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:20 pm

Hi TheRaven!

Welcome to the Ecere community!

Don't hesitate to ask around on the forums and on IRC if you have questions and if you ever find yourself in Ottawa, come join us at the community meeting or maybe some of us will see you at FOSSCON 2018.

We're always interested to know what kind of projects users are working on so we're looking forward to any info you'd like to share on the subject. You already mentioned some interesting projects! Sounds like you would enjoy looking at Ecere Linux and Ecere Desktop Manager but sadly these projects are almost non-existent at the moment. We already have Ecere IDE of course.

See you around,


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