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0000142: Refine DataBox control
The DataBox control is available from the toolbox as a common control, yet it is mainly targeted as the core functionality of the ListBox at the moment.

Improve its usability as a general control.

Its integration with EDA / SavingDataBox etc.
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NotifyModified vs NotifyChanged
The names are confusing at best.

Generally, the one you want to use is NotifyChanged.

When to use NotifyModified?

I think NotifyModified is for EditBox'ish editing, where things update every time a character is added, but the definitive result is not known yet, vs drop box style editing which might not bother calling NotifyModified.

There are some locations where it's used in EDA:

- The StringList implements both methods, and there is only a slight variation where the 'NotifyChanged' version does not scroll the listbox. Should NotifyModified be updated with this code as well? Is NotifyModified needed at all in this case