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0000596Ecere SDKidepublic2011-06-07 23:302016-04-19 05:30
immediatemajorhave not tried
0.46 eC II 
0000596: Starting Debugging should NOT clear the Build log if nothing needs to be built
If you hit build yourself, right before debugging, then start the Debug right after you quickly caught a glimpse of some build errors, and want to take a look, you can't.

The errors are gone. This is very annoying.

Perhaps we should only clear/display building after we actually got some feedback from make saying it wants to do something, and not do anything if it says 'everything up to date'.
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2011-06-07 23:30jeromeNew Issue
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2012-03-08 15:41redjTarget Versionold 0.44.pre2 => 0.45 Ginkakuji
2012-03-29 07:52redjCategory => ide
2012-03-29 07:52redjProject@3@ => Ecere SDK
2013-04-24 04:02jeromeTarget Version0.45 Ginkakuji => 0.44.1 64
2016-04-19 05:30jeromeTarget Version0.44.12 Fixes => 0.46 eC II

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