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0001238Ecere SDKpublic2021-02-25 17:04
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Summary0001238: Incorrect Class generated for class deriving from Map in MemoryGuard configuration
DescriptionInstances of classes of the form class OwnerMap : Map can have a wrong type specification stored in the _class member, resulting in a crash when assignigng a value as in myMap["id"] = ProcessInfo {};
{ when adding
Is expected to be used as;

OwnwerMap<String, Processinfo> myMap {};

Steps To Reproduce- 1: from the command line (on linux: adapt to your OS):
    git checkout 35b1ee4c5d1b0cbd619d7fabdab06d626af453e6
- 2:open the mapServer project.
- 3: compile gnosis3 in MemoryGuard configuration.
- 4: run mapSerever from the ide.
- 5: visit url http://localhost:8080/ogcapi/processes.
-6: observethe issue.
Additional InformationThe issue was observed in file src/processing/ commit 35b1ee4c5d1b0cbd619d7fabdab06d626af453e6 from branch newSyntax of gnosis3 and attempts to recreate it in a minimal example were unsuccessful.
The workaround is to include the types of key and value in the class declaration like so:

OwnedInfoMap : Map<String, ProcessInfo>
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2021-02-25 00:28

reporter   ~0001494

The commit inquestion has been tagged as mantis-1238 for easyer retrieval and to preserve it in case of rebases.

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