eC Language - Ideas for Google Summer of Code

Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2017

The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for building native applications. It includes an IDE, a GUI toolkit and graphics engine as well as a compiler for the eC language. It is Free Open Source Software released under a 3-clause BSD license, and is part of the official Debian/Ubuntu repositories (ecere-sdk package).

Check out for screenshots and more information about the Ecere SDK, or for sample eC code and more information about the eC language.

Our GitHub repository is at, and we can be reached on in channel #ecere.

We have organized ideas by our various projects which are likely to appeal to students with specific interests. You can also navigate these projects from the left side bar.

If you would be interested to work on the Ecere IDE, you may consider:

If your interest lies in graphics and graphical user interfaces, you may be interested to work on the whole new engine we are building. Consider working on:

If you are into compiler development and language design, see our ideas list for improving eC and its compiler:

  • Mix and Match proposal

    Because some of these ideas are relatively short, especially easier one, we would like to welcome students to pick and choose related ideas which they would feel comfortable to complete during the summer as part of their proposal. Ideas we know for sure will not keep students busy for 3 months are identified as such ('very short'), inviting to bundle with related ideas.

    Depending on skills and experience a student should have a good idea how much time these shorter tasks should take, and we will be available to discuss and guide these proposals as well.

    It is important to avoid taking on more work as part of the proposal than can be reasonably achieved, because all selected tasks will need to be completed for a successful project.

    If all tasks are completed early, it will always be possible to contribute to other tasks as long as no other student are working on them.
  • Blue-Sky proposal

    Although these ideas we have identified are what we feel are most needed to increase the usefulness of our software, you may have other awesome ideas which could greatly benefit the community, or you may want to suggest a different approach or variations to some of our own ideas.

    We would like to welcome such proposal and we will be happy to discuss these as well.

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