eC - Installation
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You can install the Ecere SDK from source on OS X

Source Code

Clone with Git

git clone


Latest Release (0.44.15 August 4, 2016
Latest Development Snapshot

Installation per Platform

Target Platforms

Source Code

You will need the latest version of Xcode to build the SDK on OS X.

You should also install XQuartz.

Once you've set up a few things (see below) the usual should work:

sudo make prefix=$SYSROOT install

You can launch the Ecere IDE with the command ide.
First add the toolchain bin directory to the path and set SYSROOT to the proper SDK directory.

You will also need to build and install libffi (included in the deps folder) to your sysroot for EDA to build.

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/
export SYSROOT=/Applications/
sudo make prefix=$SYSROOT install

Please note that debugger integration only supports GDB and will not work with LLDB, so you should install GDB as well.

At this point Ecere requires X11 to run on OS X. We are working towards a native Cocoa driver and iOS support.